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Shrub Rose

  Need a refreshment on this gorgeous sunny day? Look no further! PREP: 3 MINS   //   YIELD: 1 COCKTAIL INGREDIENTS...

Tonic Lemongrass Summer Veg Medley

 This week’s recipe is a great way to get through the abundance of fresh veggies that come along in the summer month...

Lemongrass Gin and Tonic

  It’s zesty, it’s refreshing, it’s your new summer go-to! PREP: 30 MINS   //   YIELD: 4 Servings INGREDIENTS | 2 o...

Tonic Tenders

Rose City Tonic Tenders:   You spoke and I listened. Last week you folks chose for me to create a recipe using our ...

Rose City Tonic Slow Cooker Italian Braised Short Ribs

Rose City Tonic Slow Cooker Italian Braised Short Ribs: We love showing you unique ways to use our syrups. Wheth...

Piri Piri Afternoon

The Piri Piri Afternoon comes to us courtesy of Keep it Crafted: Some afternoons are hotter than others. Today is ...

Update to the Classic Gin and Tonic

The classic gin and tonic has been around since the British East India Company (British armed forces in India) began...
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