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Ginger Basil Mimosa

Brunching with this incredibly satisfying mocktail makes the transition from table to trail so much more possible than when imbibing on a couple morning mimosas. Today is a perfect late summer day meant for being in the woods, so kicking it off with a healthier option seems the way to go. This recipe did the trick and is pretty easy to make. It’s the perfect combo of sweet, sour and acidic.

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Our story in 63 words

Portland Syrups began in a neighborhood kitchen in 2012. Two friends came together to brew the "Belgian beer of craft soda." The goal was to create a beverage with an elevated drinking experience that could stand both on its own and as a mixer. We think we've created flavors that passed that test and hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

Hands down the most incredible root beer experience I've ever had.

- Bill F.

Please please add flavor to this boring vodka soda. Oh hibiscus cardamom!

- Happy Night Market Fan

all of these are must haves for my home bar cart.

- Sarah, who purchased all 8 flavors at Crafty Wonderland

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We hope you enjoy your flavor experience! If you find fun new ways to use our bottles, please share and post them to social media @portlandsyrups. We appreciate the love!

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