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Different Roots

We hope you all are out enjoying another wonderful day of sunshine! 🌞

This week we bring you a refreshing drink from the folks at @freelandspirits

|  1 oz @freelandspirits Gin
|  1/2 oz Fernet
|  1/4 oz Green Chartreuse
|  3 dashes @drinkaddition sage bitters
|  3/4 oz @portlandsyrups RootBeer Syrup


Combine all ingredients in a tall glass with ice, top with soda water and a lemon wedge and enjoy!

Portland Syrup brews exquisitely flavored lower-sugar mixers using whole botanical ingredients. Each 16 oz. bottle will make nearly a gallon of finished soda, or 16-32 cocktails, depending on your palate. 

Ingredients: Water, cane sugar, brown sugar, Indian sarsaparilla root, molasses, star anise, clove, other whole spices, real vanilla extract (alcohol, whole bean extractives). 

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