Valentine’s Kit


This gift kit contains 8 oz. bottles of our Hibiscus Cardamom, Rose Cordial, and Tonic flavors, as well as a 2 oz. lavender bitters by Portland Bitters Project. It’s shipped with a handsome hand-stamped gift bag and red tissue for thoughtful presentation.

This qualifies for FREE SHIPPING, and the bitters alone retail for $15, so this kit is great value for money! Order now for Valentine’s Day delivery.


Champagne cocktail: 4 oz. dry sparkling wine, 1 tsp rose cordial, garnish with raspberries

The 2/14: 1 oz. hibiscus cardamom syrup, 2 oz premium vodka, over ice, top with sparkling water, add 2 dashes lavender bitters and stir.

The Gin & Tonic That Will Ruin All Others For You: 2 oz. gin, 3/4 oz tonic, 4 oz seltzer. Build over rocks in Collins glass, stir, wipe rim with lime wedge.

Product Description

Kit contains:

8 oz. Hibiscus Cardamom syrup

8 oz. Rose City Tonic

8 oz. Rose Cordial syrup

2 oz. Portland Bitters Project lavender bitters

Hand-stamped handled gift bag

Red tissue paper, for flair

Portland Syrups sticker