Tonic Two-Pack


Portland Soda Works’ traditional tonic is crafted from cinchona bark, rose petals and buds and citric acid.

Our brand new Freeland Rose Tonic has a similar base, but with a the addition of pharmaceutical grade quinine extract as a top note, creating a dryer and perhaps more “traditional” tonic experience.

Together they add fun and conversation points to any barkeeps stock.  Experience them side-by-side as either a cocktail or mock-tail and elevate your tonic game.


Similar yet vastly different, our two versatile and intricate tonics side-by-side provide an eye-opening experience for both the drinker and abstainer.

Concoct an adult beverage with both of these to see just how different your vodka/gin and tonic can be.  These provide a vastly different experience from a mainstream bottled tonic water, although each also provide the base sensory experience of quinine.

The world of craft tonics is booming and with a tonic two-pack you can build two similar, yet completely different, beverage experiences.  Amazing conversation starter for any gathering of friends!