Rose City Tonic Concentrate, 16oz


Portland’s own House Spirits approached us to create a tonic that paired with their award-winning Aviation gin. This authentically-brewed whole-ingredient tonic, made with genuine cinchona bark, features a delicate floral layer that supports but does not compete with Aviation’s spice roster. Cinchona, the bittering bark from which tonics get their quinine, delivers a complex, gently astringent tonic “bite.” This makes the driest gin and tonic you’ll find — simply stir it with a bit of sparkling water prior to building your drink.

This tonic costs a little more than our standard bottle, owing to its long and complex brew cycle, and the limited quantities we are able to make. A labor of love for the tonic connoisseur.


A premium small-batch tonic concentrate brewed by hand in Oregon with seasonally-selected whole ingredients and natural sweeteners.

Mix with sparkling water to create a beautifully tart, astringent, bitter, and delicately floral tonic.

Ingredients: water, cane sugar, cinchona bark, rosa canina, citric acid.