Hibiscus-Cardamom Syrup, 16oz.


In this syrup, full, round berry flavors are developed from a careful blend of hibiscus flower and rose hip. Hand-ground whole toasted cardamom adds depth and subtle spicing. Splash a half-teaspoon in a champagne cocktail, or mix with tequila.

(This formula was formerly sold as “Citrus Hibiscus.”)


A premium small-batch syrup brewed by hand in Oregon with seasonally-selected whole ingredients and natural sweeteners.

Use to flavor cocktails as you would a simple syrup, or flavoring syrup such asĀ grenadine.

For sodas, our syrups are typically mixed in a ratio of 1:6 or 1:7 with chilled, sparkling water. This creates a traditional-strength soda in terms of flavor and sweetness.

Ingredients: Water, cane sugar, hibiscus flower, rose hip, whole cardamom, citric acid.