Gift Set – Soda and Cocktail Mixers


Order both and save $5! We chose our best-selling soda and cocktail mixers for these perfect holiday gift sets! Use these real-ingredient syrups to make bold, full-flavored cocktails and sodas. Each bottle makes about eight cocktails, or a half-gallon of soda. Sets come in attractive, hand-stamped and straw-lined boxes, with a free sticker.


Set contains six 8-ounce bottles! It includes our cocktail set (Rose City Tonic, Vanilla-Spice Rooibos, and Hot Ginger-Basil) and our soda set (Root Beer, Ginger, and Hibiscus-Cardamom).

These are premium, small-batch syrups brewed by hand in Oregon with carefully-selected whole ingredients, all-natural sweeteners, and no preservatives. Once opened, they keep for months in your refrigerator.

Vanilla-Spiced Rooibos ingredients: water, cane sugar, rooibos leaf, cinnamon, real vanilla extract, ascorbic acid.

Rose City Tonic ingredients: water, cane sugar, cinchona bark, rosa canina, citric acid.

Hot Ginger-Basil ingredients: Water, cane sugar, fresh ginger root, fresh basil, fresh habanero chili, fresh serrano chili, citric acid.

Root Beer ingredients: Water, cane sugar, brown sugar, Indian sarsaparilla root, molasses, star anise, clove, other whole spices, real vanilla extract (alcohol, whole bean extractives)

Hibiscus-Cardamom ingredients: Water, cane sugar, hibiscus flower, rose hip, whole cardamom, citric acid.

Ginger ingredients: water, cane sugar, ginger root, chilies, citric acid.