Gift Set – 16oz Cocktail Trio


These particularly cocktail-friendly mixers are a match for dads who place a premium on good flavor. Whole botanical ingredients make for a powerful impact on the palate!

Each bottle makes about sixteen drinks.


Just the right thing for summer! Set contains three 16-ounce bottles of our most cocktail-friendly mixers: Rose City Tonic, Ginger, and Vanilla-Spice Rooibos.

These are premium, small-batch syrups brewed by hand in Oregon with carefully-selected whole ingredients, all-natural sweeteners, and no preservatives. Once opened, they keep for months in your refrigerator.

Vanilla-Spiced Rooibos: Perfect mixer for bourbon and rum

Rose City Tonic: Create incredible Gin & Tonics and Vodka Tonics.  This one is also superb as a “mock-tail” for the non-drinkers, just add sparkling water and a lime wedge.

Ginger: The most diverse mixer on the market.  Try a Moscow Mule, Dark and Stormy and/or a Whiskey Ginger!