Anatomy of a Day in the Soda Trade

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This is how a busy day looks in the life of a soda start-up:

8:00 AM — Awake to a text from brewing partner Dan: “Can you bottle three sample fifths of root/ginger/turk for someone who emailed last night? Also, can you give me a ride to the airport?”

9:15 AM — Drive Dan to airport. Coordinate day’s operations. Mentally prepare for the forty-five business connections that sweet-talking Dan will likely make on his two-week trip through IL, NY, GA.

9:45 AM — Back to the lab, bottling samples and prepping the demo kit.

11:00AM — Three-hour demo at New Seasons, Seven Corners. Sell out all of our ginger beer, and most of our root beer.

2-5 PM — Help friend assemble massive trampoline for kid’s birthday. Unrelated. Quick trip to gym to build soda brewing stamina.

5:30 PM — Hit FH Steinbart, load the truck with bottles and caps. Indulge in some shop talk with crew I’ve come to know over three years.

7:00 PM — Drop off syrup samples with old bartender friend who’s started his own place. Enjoy gratis chili dog. Talk shop.

8:00 PM — Random call: BBQ shop nearby emailed our general line, wants to use our stuff. Bottle some root beer, run it over, text text text.

10:00 PM — Three gallons of fresh product bottled for tomorrow’s 8:00 AM prototype delivery to local ice cream maker. New brewing ingredients arrive in mail, like Christmas morning. Time to relax.


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