Remembering Steven Smith, Teamaker

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Steven Smith, legendary Portland teamaker, and founder of the Stash Tea, Tazo Tea Company, and Steven Smith Teamaker brands, guided Portland Soda Works co-founder Chris Onstad during early phases of his own product prototyping. Reprinted from Onstad’s Facebook remembrance:

“Steven Smith gave me truly invaluable guidance when I was just another chump with an Igloo cooler full of soft drink prototypes. He effortlessly dispensed clever and beautifully-worded wisdom, loaned me expensive equipment that propelled Portland Soda Works forward, and, more than anything, embodied the central quality that makes this city special: he gave delightedly to those who shared his passion, rather than shut them out as competitors.

“For as long as I work, I hope that I remember to give that kindness back to any who ask for a way forward.”

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